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Asami Izawa

2024.04.21 Release "Make it better"
2022.07.01 Digital release "I want to drown in summer" Nao'ymt + Asami Izawa
2015.11.19 Album "Tommy & Sammy" (Tommy & Sammy)
2011.06.04 Mini album "Life"
2008.03.26 Download Limited song "Like the Wind, Like a Flower"
2007.11.14 Download Limited song "Snow Pieces"
2007.01.24 Album "Prhythm"
2006.08.30 Single "Battlefield of love" Yomiuri TV anime "Angel Heart" 3rd opening theme
2006.06.21 Single "Orange sunshine"
CP "There is no rain that never stops" Bandai Namco Games "Tales of Eternia ONLINE" image song
2005.07.27 Single "Fly Away" MBS/TBS anime "Eureka Seven" 2nd ending theme
Glico "POCKY" CF song SSTV version
2005.04.06 Mini album "AIA"
"Visualize" Opening theme for TBS's "COUNT DOWN TV"
Glico "POCKY" CF song SSTV version 2004.03.03 Single "Power Of Ring"
2003 "Milk Tea" JA Bank JA Housing Loan Commercial Song

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